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Engineers Land is a Platform where professionals can interact, discuss and part of various technical groups & forums. Please Note: Engineers Land is subset of EPCLand.

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Why Join Engineers Land Community

Engineers Land is a subset if EPCLand-LMS. Whole purpose of this platform is to provide a place where professionals can connect & interact with like minded people to Ask, Learn, Share the technical content. Professional will get an opportunity to be part of various technical groups & forums to interact.

  • Meet Great People

    Engineers Land provides an opportunity to meet professionals and learn from each other. One to One interactions & group interactions with members are also possible.

  • Forum Discussion

    Engineers Land provides an opportunity to be part of various existing forums; also the members can create their own new Forums to start discussion on various topics

  • Active Groups

    Engineers Land offers an opportunity to be part of various groups; Also members can create their own new groups

Associated with Professionals from 100+ Countries

Engieers Land Network

Really excited to share that the professional from 100+ countries have already enrolled to published courses. Check out the published courses (by EPCLand), details of published courses can be look into various sections under "COURSES"

Engineers Land Makes Your Life Easier & Simple

Technical Platform where professionals can interact will make it very easy to share the technical knowledge. Be a part of various groups, forums to discuss and share the relevant information. Dont miss to explore the published courses on EPCLand

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Premium Course : Online Mode

Complete Course on Piping Engineering

This 40+ hours of course covers various sections like, Codes & standards, Piping Layouts, Piping Materials and Stress analysis. Once enrolled life time access shall be there. Check complete details by clicking over here.

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